Saturday, May 16, 2009

1st grocery trip

Ok so as you know if you watched the news about us, we were spending about 500.00 a month on groceries. That is about 250.00 every paycheck, that's a lot of money!!! I realize there are 5 of us, but I also began to realize there has to be a way to save money on my bill! So I contacted the coupon queen for some grocery shopping tips. She was so helpful and was able to guide me through the art of printing and clipping coupons. I learned that Target not only takes their store coupons on products, but you can also use a manufacturer's coupons too. So with all these helpul tools under my belt, I was ready to begin. I printed and clipped then loaded all 3 of the kids into to the car and off we went. First stop: Target. We got all the things we had coupons for and then a few extras that we just couldn't pass up. My bill started out as 106 dollars and after coupons it was 84. I saved 22 dollars there. Woot Woot! Ok so then we headed to Wal Mart to get a few more things that we needed and I had about 10 bucks in coupons left to use. So we did our shopping and ended up using only 6.00 in coupons there. My end bill was 114.00. So in coupons alone I saved 28.00 and only spent 198 dollars total at the store. I know its not a GIGANTIC amount of savings, but it's a start. Normally I would've spent 250.00, but I was able to spend just under 200.00. I am very impressed with our savings, and I will continue to clip coupons in the future. Thank you coupon queen for all your help, I know that your tips will help our family out in the long run. Thank you guys for reading and I will post more later.



  1. That's a great start, Tori!! =) I think you did awesome!

  2. where are you printing these coupons off from? What website? Share the wealth my friend! :o)
    Ps. "Tori and her daughter did sneak away to the nail salon" 8 news. That was SO A NECESSITY! Don't they KNOW a girls toes have gotta look good????? duhhhh...:o)
    You saw what that guy said on the bachelorette show....