Thursday, May 7, 2009

Week 2

Ok so we have finally made it to week 2 and this week seemed more challenging than the 1st! We have continued to stick to our guns though and have not eaten out in 2 whole weeks! WOOT WOOT!!! That to me has been the toughest thing to cut out. We have been spending more time at home especially since all the rain and decided we needed movies. Well a friend of ours told us about something called netflix and we decided to try it out. You can find out more info on their website here:
The great thing about it? You can sign up for a 2 week free trial. I have a hard time passing up anything that is free as I am sure many of you do. The other great thing is they offer a variety of plans that will fit any budget and plans are as low as 4.99 a month. We were spending 4.99 a week on PPV (paper view) movies or movies that were on Dish on Demand. $4.99 a week adds up to almost 20 dollars a month! So we are giving netflix a shot and opted for the 13.99 plan. You get up to 2 DVD's at once (one for us and one for the kids) and it comes straight to your door. We have tried the Redbox thing, but I am so forgetful about taking things back, so my 1.00 ended up being 5 or more! So for those of you that are interested, check out Netflix.
So moving on, I wanted to make note of how doing this challenge has really made me open my eyes to our bills. Normally we would get a bill and we would pay it, no questions asked, but since starting the challenge, I have reviewed each of our bills to see exactly what is on them. The most recent bill was our cell phone bill. We had made a few changes on our plan and added a line with more minutes since it would save us more money in the long run, but boy were we surprised when we got the bill. It was double than the previous months and the more I examined our bill the more I realized we were getting charged for 2 individual lines rather than our family talk plan that we "thought" we had signed up for. So after 3 different phone calls we got everything straightened out and got more than 100.00 credited to our account because of their mistake. So it does PAY to examine your bills closely. All in all our week has gone well and I am so grateful to be a part of this challenge so it can help others as it did us.
Oh and coupon queen if you're reading this get ready because I am going to need your help on my grocery shopping.
Have a great day everyone!


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  1. cracked me up. PPV movies (paper view)'re so's Pay-Per-View. Like you pay per the movie you view. (I am SO NOT making fun of you so don't think of it like that...:0) Anyway, Netflix...yah, the thing I didn't like about that was the waiting for it in the mail. WE are SO impulsive. When we want to watch a movie...we want to go rent it right that minute and watch...not wait 2 days for it to come in the mail. I hope it works out for you though. We are redbox addicts for SURE. Sometimes I keep them an extra day and have to pay $2...but that's still cheaper than paying $5 to rent from Blockbuster. And usually if its a good movie I send it over to my moms so she gets to watch them for free! yipee!