Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ok a quick little update on this fine Thursday evening..... So i have had one of those really trying "mom"days today and the last thing i wanted to do this evening after laundry, homework, cleaning and vacuuming our van was fix dinner. So we caved in and after the two younger ones gymnastics class, we went to Chic-Fila. However, we only ordered items such as the sandwiches with no fries and no meal deals. The cost was $20.00 for all 5 of us to eat, and it felt good to splurge on some fast food. So I guess you could say this was my first cheat in our challenge....... That's ok though, I am back on the wagon tomorrow.
Have a great night everyone!


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  1. $20 for 5 people to eat is pretty friggin frugal if you ask me! :) it bad to use the word friggin? I don't say that in real life--only in typing. ha ha (if that makes it any better!)