Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Elijah's Birthday

Hi there everyone! I hope you got to catch us on the news last night. We have a DVR so we were able to record it so the kiddos could watch it today. They were so tickled to see themselves on the TV. It was fun for us as well to have people we know say hey we saw you guys on the news last night..... I even offered my autograph today to my friends. LOL! So anyhow, moving right along, today is Elijah's birthday. He is now an official 6 yr old. So since we are doing the 30 day spending diet, we did a family party. We gathered at my mom's house for homemade tacos and I made a birthday cake. His cousins Allie & Emily were there, so all the kids got to play together. We had a wonderful family time together and we didn't spend a whole lot of money, just a few bucks for a cake mix and frosting. Elijah had a great birthday and enjoyed spending it with the people he loves. Thank you guys for reading and I hope that you have a great night.


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    Tori, I'm just gonna have to come over so I can see your TV debut!! :o)