Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Update

Just wanted to check in with everyone and tell you that we are still doing the spending diet. We are doing our best to watch our pennies and to be honest we are liking the rewards we are seeing. We got our phone bill this month that has our dish network, internet and phone and it was 50.00 less than last months because we changed some things on it. That was awesome!!!! I have continued to cut coupons and I will be going to the store this weekend so I will be sure to post on how much I saved. WOOT WOOT! I was reading the coupons queens blog and it was talking about how to save on birthday's, so I thought I would mention that my birthday is tomorrow. I will be turning 32 years old. GO ME~ :) Anyhow, my hubby was asking what I wanted to do for my birthday and honestly I told him nothing. I have come to the realization through doing all this, that we don't have to go out to eat, spend tons of money on things just because of an occasion. I mean I really just want to spend it with my family and friemds. So his mom invited us out to their house tomorrow for a cook out. What a great thing too, because I won't have to cook. LOL Anyhow, with that said, I have truly enjoyed doing this challenge because not only has it helped us save money, it has brought us closer as a family. We do more things together now and the best part? We aren't spending extra..... :)
Thank you guy for reading and be sure to check in and see how I do at the store...

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  1. Hey Chicka!
    Howzit goin? You dropped off the face of blogland!